Saturday, February 9, 2008


Shortly after my last post, Amelioration died. I won't go into details but lack of progression and guild drama from a few key individuals tore the guild apart in just a couple of hours. As sad as it was, Lleu and Dezzi were in a new guild within 30 mintues. 24 hours later we were staring at Gruul after one shotting High King.

Thankfully a lot of friends came over from Amelioration with us and are all super impressed with Violet Eye Pokers thus far. Goals for next week include Lurker, Void Reaver, and possibly Hydross. We see good things in the cards for us and VEP.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I Haz a Blog?

Wow, according to site meter someone is still checking this after two months of no posts...... um, thanks?

Ameloiration is at a standstill progression wise. We haven't dropped a new boss since Prince, and that was before my haitus. So we've been leveling a Druid and Tankadin. Taeli is running a Warrior and Mage. Gleu, my Druid is 65 and healing the hell out instances with Taeli the tank playng meat shield. We're doing UB and SP in about 45 minutes each right now.

My Tankadin is 48 and running with Taeli's mage. We're AEing ZF into oblivion whenever we have rest. Tanking as a paladin is tougher then I thought it would be. At this level I'm still missing the Captian America shield though so maybe it will get better. I'm holding aggro, but just barely.

Anywhoo, thanks to my one remaining reader, I'll try to update more often for you!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Amelioration ran two Kara groups this week for the first time. We're going to miss out on our SSC target but the fact that we can now run 20 people through Kara and have people on standby speaks volumes of our progress to bigger and better things.

Group 1 had some issues with Maiden the first night. One dispeller = hard times. They got her down but it took to long and they had to call the raid. Night two they rocked the opera house but had some drama on Curator and had to call it. Night three, no one wants to talk about night three. They didn't drop a single boss though.

Group 2 on other hand kicked major @$$. One shot on Attunmen, Moroes, Curator, Aran, and Chess. The Opera event was Romeo and Juliet. I think that only three people had ever seen this boss so it took us three (four?) attempts to drop them.

Hunter Loot? The vial out of Opera and the ring from Curator. Our OT/MS/Fury warrior took the vial and Arigg stole our ring. Although I can't remember the last time I missed so we're not mad at cha.

Prince was again controlled by our own personal GM and dropped us everytime. 11.4k health on our best attempt, which also happened to have the worst infernal drops. I really don't get this fight. Either we can stand in one spot the entire fight and Prince hits like a truck, dropping our tank faster then the heals can flow from the priests little fingers. Or he hits like a pansy and lets the infernals kill us. He can never hit like a girl and drop easy infernals..... I hate him. And he still has my bow. Damn it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


First the big news. As you can see from my character sheet on the top of the page, I'm no longer a part of Savage Desire. The split occurred on Monday night as planned. Almost half of Savage Desire came with us. I'm now in the process of getting the hunters spec correctly since Lite (our new GM) has given me full control over them. Same deal as in Savage Desire. Prove your spec and you can keep it. If not, I'm changing it. Amelioration will be in SSC by the end of the month. Lite and myself are going to make sure of that.

We had to leave a few friends in SD that are loyal to the Guild Master and the old Raid Leader there, we wish them the best and hope run some Heroics with them from time to time. In the end though I think we've made the right choice.

Kara was a pain this week. We knew it would be because of all of the shuffling we lost a few core raid members and Dezzi has been AFK for work. It took us two night to hit Opera. Next week should be better though as are main group will be back in action and we can start gearing the under geared. Should 25 people show up tonight we're going to go wipe on Lurker a few times for sh!ts and giggles.

Smaller news, I got my boots finally! Yay me! Now to find some purple pants and collect 41 honor badges.... cause that's easy. Pray for 2.3 to come out on Tueday. I start my nine day vacation then and would love to have my druid go from 30 to 60 in that time.

Friday, October 26, 2007

On the Move

For the past month and a half I've been very happy with Savage Desire. Ever since Crisis' computer lost it's magic smoke and Median took over Raid Leader duties I've had nothing but fun. The problem is, and many in the guild feel the same way, is that we are not progressing as much as we'd like to be. The last few weeks we've geared people out from Kara and then the bounce to a guild that is farming Gruuls or SSC.

A few nights ago Dezzi and I were running Heroic Steamvaults with a rogue from Strange Brew. He asked me if we were looking for a new guild and for the first time that I can remember I didn't give a firm "no" answer. Other then progression in instances a major problem with Savage Desire is the GM. We found out through a third party that she is taking a voluntary leave of absence until the middle of November. That's all well and good except that even the top officers have minimal control on the Admin side of things. Leaving your guild without clear directions or interim leadership is just wrong.

We haven't decided to leave Savage Desire just yet, but we did put in an Application with Strange Brew in case we do. They've already welcomed us with open arms and even offered to let us form and lead Kara Group 3. The only person in Savage Desire that I've told about this is Median. He's told me that he is fed up with SD as well and is considering forming a guild of his own. No plans are set in stone just yet but it's quickly becoming apparent that that SD will be losing a good bulk of it's raiding force if things don't start to change.


For three nights Lleu has been trying his hardest to get into a Heroic, any heroic, to get one of the three Primal Nethers that he needs to make his Ebon belt and his Boots of the Crimson Hawk. Last night we finally found a group for Mech. But the mage wasn't keyed and the Rogue had already ran it. Lleu was the only one in need of the Nether and it slipped though his fingers.

Then we found a Slave Pens group that was looking for DPS and Heals. Dezzi and I joined. A rogue was also in need of the Nether and wouldn't let me buy it should he win a /roll. Lucky for us He DC'd and we replaced him with a Mage from Savage Desire. So now Lleu has his belt and a 101 hit rating. All we need now is the ring off of Curator and we'll be close enough to the 142 hit rating that we'll stop looking for hit gear.

Tonight we're spaming LFG for a Mech group. If we win the Nether there and down all five bosses we'll have the Honor badges to buy the final Nether. Then we'll burn some cash to get the 10 Primal Airs needed and do a little dance in our brand new shoes.

Kara is not going according to plan this week. Aran didn't want to die on Tuesday and we won't be back until Sunday. The plan is Nightbane if our tank isn't squishy, Aran, Chess, and Prince. Prince will die. Prince will drop our bow. The masses will cheer because we'll stop QQing all over /g every night.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Group 1 SNAFU

This week Group 1 decided to burn through to Prince as quickly as possible on Tuesday night. In about 30 minutes we were at the door for Opera. It won't open. Barnes (is that his name?) says that Mr. Moroes won't allow the show to start..... sh!t. Backtrack to Moroes we go. I'm not sure what happened this week. Most weeks he's an easy one shot. This week it took us four attempts.

Back to Opera. Big Bad Wolf was a one shot. Curator was a two shot because the last ball wasn't killed and was allowed to sit on top of our melee DPS AEing them to death. Aran barely had a chance to sheep us. With much embarrassment I tell you that we lost chess the first round. After chess we called the raid because three people had to get some of that "sleep" that I've been hearing so much about lately.

The second raid night was much worse. We started with Nightbane. Four attempts later we got him to 75%. Our tank was to squishy, our Hunter MD'd (that Lleu guy is such a n00b at times!) to the fury warrior on the second attempt. Then our Healadin DC'd and never returned. We decided to go take down Attunmen. On the first attempt the MT missed Attunmen and our tree got chopped in half. For the second attempt the first horse had respawned so he had to kill it before the Midnight dropped to 95%. Easy kill, Lleu gets the Crossbow.

After that we thought we'd go try to down the animal boss. After wasting 45 minutes killing the trash we finally got the Bat to spawn and it kicked our butts three times before we called the raid.

Not the worst week yet, but certainly not the best. Our MT can't raid the rest of the week so we may just take the next few nights off and start fresh on Tuesday.

On a side note I was looking at BRK's armory and realized that My DPS is higher then his..... wow. He has more crit and hit then I do so he'd still beat me on the Damage Meters. For someone that admittedly sucked before reading BRK though it's a huge accomplishment that I've caught up to him.